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Compatible Casio NP-80 NP-82 NP-80DBA NP-82DBA Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery


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Warranty: 1 Year

Contains: Premium Japanese Cells


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Our NP-80 / NP-82 battery is designed to power up Casio Exilim cameras. The battery is rated at 900mAh and fully compatible with the following Casio camera models:

EX-FR10, EXFR10, FR10
EX-G1, EXG1, G1
EX-H5, EXH5, H5
EX-H50, EXH50, H50
EX-H60, EXH60, H60
EX-JE10, EXJE10, JE10
EX-N1, EXN1, N1
EX-N10 EXN10, N10
EX-N2, EXN2, N2
EX-N20, EXN20, N20
EX-N5, EXN5, N5
EX-N50, EXN50, N50
EX-S5, EXS5, S5
EX-S6, EXS6, S6
EX-S7, EXS7, S7
EX-S8, EXS8, S8
EX-S9, EXS9, S9
EX-Z1, EXZ1, Z1
EX-Z2, EXZ2, Z2
EX-Z16, EXZ16, Z16
EX-Z27, EXZ27, Z27
EX-Z28, EXZ28, Z28
EX-Z32, EXZ32, Z32
EX-Z33, EXZ33, Z33
EX-Z35, EXZ35, Z35
EX-Z37, EXZ37, Z37
EX-Z42, EXZ42, Z42
EX-Z88, EXZ88, Z88
EX-Z115, EXZ115, Z115
EX-Z270, EXZ270, Z270
EX-Z280, EXZ280, Z280
EX-Z335, EXZ335, Z335
EX-Z350, EXZ350, Z350
EX-Z550, EXZ550, Z550
EX-Z670, EXZ670, Z670
EX-Z800, EXZ800, Z800
EX-ZS50, EXZS50, ZS50
EX-ZS100, EXZS100, ZS100
EX-ZS150, EXZS150, ZS150
EX-ZS160, EXZS160, ZS160
EX-ZS180, EXZS180, ZS180
EX-ZS200, EXZS200, ZS200
EX-ZS220, EXZS220, ZS220
QV-R70, QVR70, R70
QV-R80, QVR80, R80
QV-R100, QVR100, R100
QV-R200, QVR200, R200
QV-R300, QVR300, R300

and more models.

Best replacement for the following OEM battery part numbers: Casio NP-80, NP80, Casio NP-80DBA, NP80DBA, NP-82, NP82, Casio NP-82DBA, NP82DBA.

  • Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
  • Output Volts: 3.6v / 3.7v
  • AmpHours: 900 mAh

Camera Power Pro was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2010. Since then, we have made an honest effort to provide the highest quality products backed by excellent customer service. Whether you are a photography firm that needs batteries for a wedding or a person who needs a battery for his son's graduation, we have the items you need at a great price. 

Our batteries are extensively tested to be the highest quality and build. Beware of our competitors who's batteries are lower quality and can damage your camera. 

If you have any problems with your purchase, please contact us and we will try our best to resolve them.

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Wow that was quick

Ordered it on Monday and got it Wednesday. Didn't think it would come that quick!

Five Stars

Fits perfect and works as it should.

Got it quick

Ordered battery from here not sure how they are selling it so cheap compared to other places but hey I'm not complaining it works great. Probably will order more for back up.

Perfect Replacement Battery

Has been very dependable for my camera.

Good Replacement

It works just like my old battery

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